2020 Recycled Sculpture Contest


A Community Project

Bringing Creativity & Recycling Awareness Together

The CORE Organization is proud to announce our 4th annual Recycled Sculpture Contest, which will be held online this year. 

Create at home and submit pics of your finished sculptures by 5:00 PM on Saturday, April 20th via email:  gcrist@thinkfeelcreate.org.  Our judge is MAXMAN from Rhode Island Resource Recovery. Winners will be announced on Earth Day (April 22nd) and win $25 Amazon gift cards.  (Entries must include your name, grade, school and contact information.)

This contest is open to all K–8 students in CORE partner schools in Rhode Island:  Tiverton (Pocasset, Ranger and Fort Barton Elementary Schools and Tiverton Middle School); Portsmouth (Hathaway and Melville Elementary); Little Compton (Wilbur & McMahon School) and Bristol (Guiteras Elementary).

Prizes will be awarded to the top winner in each of the following five categories:

  1.  Most Inspirational (which sculpture invites you to want to create another sculpture?)
  2.  Most Colorful (which sculpture uses the most colors?)
  3.  Most Playful (which sculpture is the most amusing or funny?)
  4.  Most Surreal (which sculpture is the most unreal, strange or dreamlike?)
  5.  Most Life-like (which sculpture is the most realistic?)

Contest Rules

1. Only 1 entry per student. (Please include name, grade, school and contact information with your submission.)
2. NO GLASS and no materials that previously contained a hazardous substance are permitted to be used in the sculpture, if you are unsure about something you may want to use please call CORE at (401)749-1203 or email us at CORE@thinkfeelcreate.org.
3. All other recycled materials can be used, recycled meaning materials that have been used at least once and would have otherwise ended up in your recycle bin or trash.
4. Sculptures should be designed and built by students.
5. The only non-recycled materials permitted are glue, tape, screws or nails
6. Sculptures should not be so heavy or so large that it can’t be easily moved by 1 person.